Choose Me.. Pick Me.. Give Me..

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!
Ho Ho Ho people!!! Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? This year I'm super excited cause for the very first time, Ill be using the Real tree instead of the fake one!! *Doing the Happy Dance*
Cant wait to decorate my Real Tree when I'm in Finland.. which is another 11 More Days!!

Been reading some lovely posts on Trees Ideas.
Check out her blog for some wonderful links on Tree Ideas.

What about gifts? Thank goodness the sales are everywhere now... Cheap gifts with nice packaging are everywhere! I must admit that it is very hard to decide what to buy when everything in the shop is saying:
"Choose Me.. Pick Me.. Give Me.."
Some of my favourite picks for Gifts..
If you still have no clue on what to get.. Gift vouchers and Books are always the safest thing to give!
 What about for guys?
- For my BF, Perfume is the best gift every year.
-For the rest... I'm playing safe by giving them chocolates. Ha Ha.
Cause for guys.. if you end up buying something that they don't like... they will never use it. So better don't waste too much energy and $$.
Cause end of the day... It is not the gift, but the thought that counts!!
XoXo, Sherina


  1. I stay away from buying christmas gifts. I always wait for boxing day sales. The hustle and bustle of it all is not for me.
    However I love all the shops you have listed for gifts. I can't wait for boxing day now..
    Es x x

    1. Boxing Day!! haha... You must blog about the Boxing Day sale ok.. I need to know how much cheaper can you get in boxing day sales.. xx

  2. i'm going crazy with the gift-pickings past few days. still can't decide on what to get for my sisters! I guess my last resort would be make-up haha. you must be soooo excited for Finland!! p.s thanks for the link to my blog <3

    1. haha.. tell me about it.. Just get your sisters the NYX lippie!! For sure they will love it.
      Finland! really excited! Cant wait for it.. xx

  3. Such pretty pictures :)

  4. Lovely photos♥,

  5. We are ready for you. Got some snow yesterday, let's hope it stays until you are here!

    1. Yay!! Cant wait! Lets hope for a very thick Snow!

  6. Lovely post lovely pictures lovely blog! :D


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