Christmas In Finland - Day Before The Eve.

Photo Diary : Black And Pink
I Love Winter, Because I don't Look Fat in Warm Clothes.

Day before the Christmas Eve.. It was snowing even More! Woke up in the morning.. rushed outside with my pink scarf and Black Coat to capture some moments in the White lovely snow.
So much preparation still needs to be done.. but we managed well!
Went and visited Verna - Aki's God Daughter.
Spent few hours drinking Glogi and some nice pastries with good Company.
Had a wonderful time playing with her. *Disco.. playing cooking. etc..* Very Talented little girl!
Kids can be very Hyper! Especially after some chocolates. I guess I'm getting old as well. Cant cope up with kids energy anymore!
At night, Niina and her family finally arrived! Everyone was really excited. We started making the Ginger Bread house... was our first time making it - maybe it was not that perfect.. but we do get the ideas on how to make it more prettier next time. The kids really enjoyed helping me and Niina!
Was really exhausted.. I slept off early.. Aki stayed up whole night taking care of the Christmas Ham!
XOXO, Sherina


  1. Aww very cute pics! Love that you matched your scarf and hat, super cool post! Just followed via GFC, hope you can do the same, happy holidays!


  2. Great post !Would you like to follow each other?

  3. you baked! i felt like crying because i couldn't bake this year. we usually do it back home. next year for sure! love the pictures of you and Aki. x

    1. Thanks Babe... Yea bake for the first time.. was not that hard at all.. haha.. will try to do it again soon!!xx


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