Christmas In Finland - Joulupukki

Photo Diary : Christmas Eve
In order to pay for my accommodation.. This is what I need to do!

So yea, Christmas Eve is the main thing in Finland. Today is the day all the family members will gather together. Put up the Christmas tree... and wait for the joulupukki-Santa Claus to come and visit.
Its a tradition that the Family will hire one Santa Claus - we hired Aki's Uncle. The Santa Claus will then knock on the door *Or maybe do some noise to get the children's attention*. He will then come in with all the Christmas Presents. Children will then start singing some Christmas songs etc.
This is a whole new experience for me!! Totally different from what I saw on American's Movies.
Then we started to open up our gifts.. guess what.. I received few gifts too!! Since all the gifts are supposed to be from Santa, so we will never know who is the real person giving us that particular gift! I am still wondering mine.
After busy opening all the gifts.. Then its dinner time! I enjoyed all the yummy Finnish Food!
Hard Work With the Family!
Aki is dusting our Christmas Tree.. He looks cute!!
The kids are having fun decorating the trees!
Elves that helped decorating the Tree 
Owh... I want to put up the Star..
Our Humble Christmas Tree

When the joulupukki arrived. Aaro was performing his famous songs! Clap Clap to our lil singer!
Look.. joulupukki is hugging me.. I am a good girl this year!
Even Alma and Elmo have their Christmas Presents.
Dinner Time!!
Salad.. Meatballs.. Salmons.. Yum
More Food
Ham Ham Ham..

After the wonderful meal... We all went for a walk to the Cemetery.. Good way to digest all our food.
Came back and we played some Board Game - Talisman!
Was a good Christmas Eve Indeed! So much fun!
XOXO, Sherina


  1. Follow me, i follow back :)

  2. So nice! Are u doing a work & travel kind of thing / foster home / bf? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. haha its my BF's family home.. how I wish if I could get a travel and blog job.. lol

  3. Beautiful pictures, such a cozy atmosphere. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. awww. looks like a very cozy, lovely family. love it <3


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