Christmas In Finland - Pulkkamaki

Photo Diary : Sledding Hill
Too cold outside.. all you wanted to do is to stay home.. sip some red wine and eat Ham all day long..
If Everyday like this... for sure you will gain some kg...
Well luckily its snowing.. more and more.. so its possible for us to go to "Pulkkamaki" means Sledding hill.

It was a great activity to do during winter time in Finland. The kids love it.. and they could go on and on for hours..  Its fun to go down the hill.. but the journey back up... puff puff puff.. to do it again and again...TIRING! Good exercise tho.. maybe that's why I did not gained any extra weights on this trip. Plus its not that easy to walk on the thick snow!!
Another wonderful day in Finland..

XOXO, Sherina

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