Counting Days

"Hello December,
Make my Wishes Come True"
My very first Advent Calender!
 Cant believe that its finally December! How time flies!! Makes me wonder what I have achieved in this year?? Happy and sad moments.. unforgettable events.. travels etc.. Will save this topic for my New Year post.. Stay tuned.

This festive month.. it is all about spending these final days of 2014 with lotsa Joy and happiness.
Its Christmas month after all!!

Counting Days

One more days and my BF will leave to Shanghai for 2 years. Taking it in a positive way!
- Four more days is my Parents 27th anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
-Fourteen more days for  to be release on cinema. (KL)
-Fifteen more days till my Christmas Holidays. Excited!
-Sixteen more days and I will be in Finland again!
-Twenty days to Christmas' eve..will celebrate it with Finnish traditional way. Sauna.. Ham.!
-Twenty One days to Christmas!!! Ho..Ho..Ho..
-Twenty Seven Days to NEW YEAR!

December.. the final month of 2014.. Definitely going to be an emotional month for me.  But hey everything happens for a reason. right? right??

Few things that can distract you from sob moments this month
-Make yourself busy with gift ideas
-Since it is YEAR END SALE everywhere.. waste your time on window shopping.
-Visit the Christmas Bazaars...
- Go around Shopping Malls and admire their Christmas Deco.. Don't forget to take some pictures
-Buy a Christmas tree and start decorating it.
-Catch up with your long lost friends.
-Make Plans for New Year's eve

I can feel that this month is going to be an awesome one.. Really looking forward for my Holiday to Finland but not the goodbye part tho.. Anyways.. wish all of you a good month!!

Till next Blog..

XoXo, Sherina.


  1. I cant wait Christmas is so close!

  2. haha the advent calendar is so cute!! is this the one you showed me? it looks different?

    1. Diff one.. I bought this in Cold Storage.. Lol.. only RM12.

  3. great post! love the kitty countdown
    enjoyed reading it, great countdown. but too bad your bf is leaving :(
    you have a great blog, really cute :)
    following you now, follow back?


  4. Your Advent Calendar is so cute! <3


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