Sephora Haul

New In - Sort Of
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Hey Lovelies, how are you doing? Still busy preparing for Christmas I guess.
Just would like to share with you my favourite Items this month.
Few months back, Sephora opened in Robinson, Gardens Mall. *Right down to where I work*
I must admit that I went a lil crazy when I found out about this. Much More convenient for me now!
So these are some items I got from Sephora after several visits - During my break time.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream with 3 different colours:
San Paulo
 It is not pricey at all - only RM29. Love the colour and the texture. The smell is really nice too! Good thing is that I am not Allergy to NYX products.. Yay..Next colour in my list is Prague!
Another Favourite item I picked from Sephora is the "Sephora Collection Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette"
This is really good for someone that doesn't really use eye shadow everyday but just love to have many colours in one Palette. The price is not too expansive as well. Cost only RM99.*for these many colours!! RM99 is worth it*
Best part about this Palette is that they Includes:
33 - eye shadows
3 - eyeliners (Bottom left 3 of the eye shadows Palette)
12 - lipsticks/lip glosses
4 - blushes
2 - bronzers
The packaging is unique and its easy to carry when you travel. Everything that you need is in here - ALL IN ONE!
So yeah, this would be a nice gift as well for this festive month! If you haven't decide what to buy.. Maybe just drop by the nearest Sephora!! For sure you will get something nice!
Xoxo, Sherina


  1. These are gorgeous!! Definitely want my hands on those palettes

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Lovely. We don't have Sephora here :(.
    I love the NYX lip glosses. I have Sao Paulo and it tots my favourite.
    Still staying away from eye shadows but it looks like an amazing palette.
    Es x x

    1. Thanks Estee!!! Sao Paolo is my fav!!
      Your eyes allergy to eyeshadow?

  3. lovely haul! I have to check that palette out.. so inexpensive :)

    1. Yes check it out!! they have few more choices too.. but this us just enuff for me..

  4. I really want the Amsterdam shade, I've wanted it for ages!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  5. Wonderful products, so pretty colors. *__*
    Lovely greets...

  6. I wish we had Sephora in England... think I would live in that shop! Would love to try the NYX lip creams .x

    1. Haha.. maybe one day it will be in England! Then you can shop till drop! xx

  7. great pallete , it looks so gorgeous!
    check out my blog too maybe we can inspire eachother? or follow, let me know and I will follow back :)


  8. Such gorgeous items,
    love the make up pallets :)

  9. Lovely colors!


  10. sephora is a dangerous place for me... i want to get everything when i'm there! but i love the matte lip look from nyx lipgloss!

    1. Yes!! me too!! everything seems nice and sometimes I cant control myself as well.. haha


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