X'Mas Mani-Pedi Dilemma

11 more days till Christmas's Eve!

HO! HO! HO! lovelies!!! How is your Christmas preparations?? Hope everything is good so far.
I pretty much have all the gifts ready except for one *My BF's gift*.  Will get it on Monday!
Need to start packing soon as I'm flying to Finland on next Friday, 19 Dec. Hopefully I can fit all the gifts in my luggage.. and pray that it will arrive safely at my destination. The last thing you need is a missing baggage!! Imagine If that happened..
So yea.. most of the important things are done except for my Christmas Mani-Pedi!! Before I step in to the nail-spa, I will always visit Pinterest for some inspirations. Somehow this time, all the designs for winter\christmas are so adorable and nice! Having Difficultly deciding on which one I should try! Maybe I should just mix everything! Haha!! Dilemmas..
Disclaimer: All pictures above are not mine
All pictures are from Pinterest
These are some of the inspirations that I love! Which one is your Favourite?
 XoXo - Sherina


  1. definitely the baby blue + white, with the little snowman <3 you have 1 week left! actually, just 5 more days ;)

    1. Everything is so nice!!! Yea the baby blue one is cute! xx

  2. they're all so cute, love the little snowmen :)

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeanne... All of them are so nice... :)

  4. Such great inspiration, really like them all :)


  5. Love it!

  6. Thanks for sharing dear! Lovely post and great inspiration!
    Kisses Emina

    -> New post is up - Check it out!


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