FengShui and Fortune

In The Year of the WOOD SHEEP
Oh my!! Its the last day of January 2015.. how time flies.. 
Few more days and it will be Chinese New Year, the year of WOOD SHEEP!

Of Hot Pink and Silver Sequins

Pink Is my Favourite Colour!

Blood In Cat's Pee

What to do???
Hello wonderful readers, hope 2015 treating you well so far.
Unfortunately it is not a good start for my cat, Moikka.. she's been peeing blood since last December. Just would like to share with you on this.

2014 at a glance

Photo Diary : Some Highlights of my 2014
Hey lovelies... I know I should have post this earlier... but hey its just the 11th day of Jan... not too late I guess. So Here are some of the Fav highlights in 2014.

Hello Twenty Fifteen

Photo Diary : Count Down!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Hey lovely readers!! How was your new year's eve?
Finally 2014 is over... was a bit rough for me I must say.. Hope 2015 will be a better year.
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