Blood In Cat's Pee

What to do???
Hello wonderful readers, hope 2015 treating you well so far.
Unfortunately it is not a good start for my cat, Moikka.. she's been peeing blood since last December. Just would like to share with you on this.

How did I noticed about the Blood.
Moikka has been peeing in our Sink all the time.. I'm Not sure why.. *Somehow I think that this is a smart thing to do - cause I just need to rinse it off each time she Peed.. Urine smell free!*

One day, while I was in the toilet.. She jumped in the sink and started to pee.. Once done she started to MEOW so loud for my attention. I was surprised to find out that there were few obvious drops of blood in the Sink!!

Google.. Google.. Google
Ever since then Google has been my most visited page.. Read a lot on this same symptoms.. but they are tons of diagnosis and treatments.
Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)
Kidney Stones
Haematuria.. etc..
So worried about Moikka and these information we read Online freaked us out even more.
We started to monitor her urine colour everyday and her drinking habits.

Having trouble to pee.. will try several times.
Only few drops of pee each time.
She will MEOW in pain each time she tries to Pee.
BUT she is still hyperactive as usual

First Veterinary Visit
After the first discovery of the Blood, my BF and I rushed her to our usual Veterinary:
Hartamas Veterinary Clinic
Plaza Crystalville 1 Gf9,
Jalan 23/70a,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-6203 1814
Unfortunately, this Vet has no proper equipment.. X-ray \Ultrasound etc.. to check on whether there are any stones in her Bladder\kidney.
Based on what symptoms we informed them, they advised that it might due to Infections and prescribed us with Antibiotics(Clavamox) and Inflammatory tablets.
Vet also advised us to get Moikka's urine sample for the next visit. I was like.. uhhh its hard to collect the urine since she always pee in the sink.
So yea.. nothing much we can do other than giving her the antibiotics or to go to different Vet with better facilities.
We decided to give a try with the antibiotics first.

-Total $$ Spent during the first Visit : RM99.00

Two Weeks Later
After Moikka completed the antibiotics. There are no changes. Symptoms are still there!!!!
I started to do the research online again.
Stumble upon many articles on the Home remedies\treatments for these kind of symptoms:

-To replace her food with Wet Food
*Moikka somehow hates all the wet food, so this method is not working*
*Add some water in her dry food. Helps a little*

- To use water fountain, encourage cats to drink more. Apparently cats love it
*I spent RM103 to buy the CatIT water Fountain, guess what.. Moikka is too afraid to even go near.. maybe cause of the noise..waste of money!! She never drinks at all*

-Use Cranberry extract
*Never tried so far*

-Use Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV), read here
*Reviews and testimonies are mostly positive.. This product has many benefits even for Human*
*Bought this home - Cost me around RM21, the smell I tell you.. Horrible!!!*
*Mix one spoon of ACV with 4 spoons of water, feed it straight into Moikka throat using syringe *
*Results : She peed more than before... but guess what.. when I woke up next morning my both sinks were full of blood!*


Second Veterinary Visit
Again.. Rushed her to the Veterinary, but this time its the different one.
126, Jalan SS 24/2, Taman Megah
47301, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7804 8684
view location map
On our way to the Vet, somehow Moikka peed in the car, on my skirt!! Weird thing is she peed a lot and I don't really see any Blood trace.. was wondering whether the ACV did something.

So yea, we reached the Vet, they checked her Blood - Seems ok
Did the X-ray (RM90 each), found out that there are two white dots in her Urinary Bladder - Very Faint tho.
Need to do the Urinalysis(RM80), to determine whether it is a stone\crystals? Whether operation needed?? Or can it be remove via Diet?

However, since Moikka peed on me earlier, her bladder was empty- of course.
Hence they need to keep her admitted in the Vet till they get her Urine Sample.
Hospitalization per day is RM45.

Home without my baby cat - LONELY!!!
Called the Vet next day, somehow they still did not managed to get her Urine Sample. Plus she is not really eating n drinking anything, maybe cause of the environment with other sick depressing animals. *Staying Below her cage was a depressing howling dog*

So Moikka stayed another night!!

The Next day, I went straight to the Veterinary. They finally managed to get some Urine Sample.
I was praying really hard for the good results.

So Here we go:
-There are some blood in her result, of course
-White blood cells are more than the Red Blood Cells *Means that there are Infections*
-Check for crystals - NONE!

Test Results
Conclusions : Moikka is having some Bacteria Infections in her Bladder.
Treatment : Vet Prescribed different antibiotics - Baytril   
Diet : Veterinary Food, Royal Canin Urinary SO

Total Bill
*This is a Private Clinic, will be cheaper if its a government veterinary*
After few days of her new Vet food and antibiotics, she seems better now*touched wood*
She pee more and drink plenty of water
So far I don't see any obvious blood in her Urine
But I will continue Monitoring her.
Hope she will get well soon!
XOXO, Sherina


  1. Wow!! I hope she gets better soon. It is so sad to see read about what she is going through.
    Keep us updated. Sending positivity. She is such a sweet cat.
    Es x x

    1. Thanks Estee... you are very kind... xxxxx

  2. Omg this is so horrible, it is so awful when pets get sick,
    Hoping your cute little cat will get well soon!

    1. Thanks Monika, she is getting better now... :)

  3. Hope your cat get well soon.
    New outfit post is online...

  4. poor Moikka..glad she's so much better now. x

    1. Yea luckily no surgery needed.. if not Im dead!

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  6. Oh wow, that's a lot of expenses. Hope Moikka's feeling better.

    1. Thanks Jeanne... yes its a lot of $$$.. Even I don't pay that much when I go for check up.. haha..
      She is getting better now! x

  7. Thx, for your comment. ;-)
    Lovely greets Ness

  8. Oh.. Glad to hear ur cat is better:)

  9. I wish for Moikka's good health. I usually freak out too when my pet dog gets sick.
    She had colitis last year so I know the feeling!


    1. Thanks Subham... wish for your dog a good health too!!

  10. Great post and wonderful blog, congratulations .
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    Kisses from:

    1. Thanks gurl! I followed you on GFC and G+

  11. nice blog, i am following you, please follow back.

  12. Oh gosh, I was concerned when I started to read this, but it seems that it wasn't too bad of an illness. I looked at your instagram of your cat and she has the most amazing eyes c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Thanks Amy!!! Moikka says thank u!! xx

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