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In The Year of the WOOD SHEEP
Oh my!! Its the last day of January 2015.. how time flies.. 
Few more days and it will be Chinese New Year, the year of WOOD SHEEP!

I used to work as a part timer in a Feng Shui shop.. Since then, Every year without fail..will make sure I have this little Feng Shui book from Lillian Too. This Book helps me with analysing my Luck for the whole year. I know right... I can be very superstitious!!
I am a Earth Dragon!! Born in Year 1988.
This book will provide you with Overall forecast for the year on your health, wealth, career, love etc. My favourite part of this book is on Chapter 5: Analysing Luck for each month.
The book will explain each month in detail - Will touch on:
-Is the Work & Career will be ok this month?
-Can I do any Business? Or is there any opportunity?
-Will my Love & Relationship will be good? Will I find someone special if I'm single?
-Is my health going to be a problem?
Some words from the book:
"The 27Year old Earth Dragon (That's me) must be careful about finances. For you, there can be financial instability this year. Watch your expenditure and be discerning when trusting others. Do not lend or borrow money from others. Enhance your financial wellbeing by Increasing METAL around you. Wearing gold is effective for maintaining financial stability."
"For the single Dragon, 2015 is unlikely to see a change in your marital status, although if you want to, getting married is not necessarily a bad thing. A hei see or happiness occasion always gives a boost of vitality to your energy levels and this is always a good thing. if you have only just met someone and your relationship progresses very quickly, it is only because the Dragon is unlikely to be the stronger party in any love relationship started this year. The Dragon can be sweet-talked and seduced into making marriage commitment this year!"
 So yea.. that's roughly some idea of this small book. Its really interesting to read about- trust me.. Maybe some of the terms used in this book  are hard to understand, but somehow you can easily get the overall meaning.
The book is only cost at RM 19.80 each.
Book Size - Width:11 cm  Length:15 cm 
What is your Chinese Zodiac??
XOXO, Sherina


  1. ah, you bought it! love the rings too. lol about the marriage commitment prediction haha fingers crossed ;)

    1. haha.. about the money fortune... I start wearing my moms gold ring everyday now! haha

  2. Very cool post :)
    Love Emina

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  3. wooow those fortunes are so specific! super cool.

    1. haha... yea... good to read about! thanks for stopping by Sydni! xx

  4. Thanks, for your lovely comment. ^^
    Have a nice Friday....


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