Last Week Recap

Photo Diary : While He's Here
Spent most of the time last week at the Pool.. How inviting does this water look?

Long Distance Relationship----this is something that I dont see myself in*Once upon a time*

But now this is what I choose to have.
How is it going so far? 
Well, I must say that it is hard but its still fine for now. *Only been few months-3 months maybe*
To feel lonely and missing him like crazy making this whole thing a big challenge for me. I know we can use all kind of method to communicate with each other now *Compared to those snail mail days* But not to be able to touch and feel each other. That's suck!
Good that he came to visit me last week during the Chinese New Year Holiday.
Well we will try our best to visit each other ONCE in few months, he call it as "Booty Flight"
Hoping for the best!
So here are some photos we took while he's here.
Since last few months was winter season in Shanghai, obviously he missed the warm weather in Kuala Lumpur. Spending everyday at the pool - sun tanning and swimming. Thanks to him I am now one shade darker!
That face when I took too much of Photos
We finished our favourite drink - Plum Wine *Umeshu Choya*
Went to our favourite Buffet Place in Shangri-La for out POST VALENTINE's day dinner. I got my first Fortune cookie for this year- "Become who you are" hmm What?
Mochi - Japan Luxury Sweets. Because this is his Favourites.. I bought it for him and we ate it together like a pig!
He always knows when to spoil me - Full body Aroma Thai Massage. 
Few days are really short!! How I wished we could spend more time together.
But its ok, I will meet him again in April, for his birthday in ShangHai. Counting days.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder - This is so true!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

XOXO, Shereen


  1. I want sunshine and poolsides too.
    What a lovely way to celebrate the New Year.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Es x x

    1. Haha...thanks Estee.. I wish for snow instead of Hot Sunny day! xx

  2. You two look so cute together! <3 :)

  3. awww so sweet.
    i've been in long distance relationships before. they are really hard, but i felt a lot of strength come from them as well :)

    1. Yes.. it is really hard!!! Hope that all will be ok. its good for us to find ourselves too when we are alone. :)

    2. it will! you seem to be really happy! i admire you :)

  4. Wonderful pics, dear. ^^
    Have a nice weekend...

  5. Lol at him calling it a "Booty Flight." Hang in there, I know it's tough!

    KellysVida: a Lifestyle & Mommy Blog | YouTube

  6. nice :)


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