On the 1st Day of March

"Just feel the magic in the air and the power in the breeze,
Feel the energy of the plants, the bushes and the trees,
Let yourself be surrounded by nature at its best,
Calm yourself focus and let magic do the rest"
-Sally Walker-

 Last Sunday.. it was only 7.30am.. woke up with mild hangover from the party day before.. Lack of sleep... felt so lazy.. Just wanna be in my comfy bed and continue snoozing.. 
But.. I forced my self out of the bed... Just to spend some time with mother nature.. has been a while.

FRIM is founded in the year 1929. One of the institutions in tropical forestry. Its a good place to be for all nature lovers.
Surrounded with many nature trails. You will be able to discover many species of flora and fauna. We paid RM5 per person for the entrance fee.

Main attraction here is the Canopy Walkway*Must Not miss*. But make sure that you make a reservation in advance. The ticket for Canopy Walkway is RM5 for locals and RM10 for non local. 

It was easy to find our way to the Canopy Walk, we used the shortest track - ROVER TRACK to get there.  The walkway was constructed in 1992. It is 150 meter long and is suspended between trees at around 30meters above the ground level.

The experience up on the walkway was amazing, to be able to see the panorama view of Kuala Lumpur from distance with the background sound of the wind and cicada.. smell of the nature.. It was so breathtaking.... and Calm!! 

Scroll down for more photos :)
We had our lunch at the nearby chinese food court. Food was ok nothing great and the workers were a bit blur!
After lunch we headed to Bangsar for coffee and some chit chat.
Another Sunday well spent with great people!!

Jalan Foxworthy, Forest Research Institute Of Malaysia,
68100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-6279 7000

XOXO, Sherina


  1. looks like a LOT of fun except for the 'whatever it is crawling on the jungle floor' part!! omg it's hugeeeeee haha

    1. Hahah.. yea.. seriously was huge!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a magical place. Thx for sharing.

  3. Beautiful but I agree with Sharon, the creepy crawlies...scary.
    Es x x

    1. Hahaha... wait till you see the blood sucking leeches.. much more scarier.. :P

  4. Replies
    1. Yes it is.. If you visit malaysia one day.. this is the best spot to go.. :)

  5. Love the post! Looking good.


  6. Stunning pictures. ^^
    New post is online...

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Will check out the new post! xx

  7. what a beautiful way to be close to nature
    i really love the quote in the beginning!

  8. Hello,

    Very nice pics ! :D

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/


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