Spring In Shanghai : Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

Travel Diary : Simply Spicy Sichuan
After the wonderful Teppanyaki experience - Read about it HERE. Well we decided to try something 'Chinese'. Since we both love Spicy Food.... Sichuan food is definitely a good choice for us. *Well Known for their authentic spiciness*

Spring In ShangHai : Here and There

Travel Diary : Quality Time Together
Well hello again, more on my trip in Shanghai. 
It was a sunny Sunday. Woke up at 8 and followed my BF to watch him play football.

Spring In ShangHai : Teppanyaki Experience

Travel Diary : Great Chef At Fire
Teppanyaki was my Favorite during my visit in Shanghai. 
I know I know.. I was supposed to try local food instead of Japanese.. But due to the great food presentations.. I just could not resist.

Review : Burt's Bees

-A smile is the best make up any girl can wear-
Marilyn Monroe

Healthy lips will provide a confidence in your smile. Well this is not the case If you have a dry Chapped lips like mine.
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