Spring In Shanghai : Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

Travel Diary : Simply Spicy Sichuan
After the wonderful Teppanyaki experience - Read about it HERE. Well we decided to try something 'Chinese'. Since we both love Spicy Food.... Sichuan food is definitely a good choice for us. *Well Known for their authentic spiciness*

The restaurant is located at Level 5, Plaza 66. The atmosphere is great and I love the restaurant interior designs. Well it was less crowded as we visited the restaurant during lunch time. Hence the service was really fast and efficient. 

Since this was our first time trying authentic Sichuan food, we were not sure what is nice to order. 
We ordered something "safe".
Due to Aki is on diet and I don't have a huge appetite. We just ordered 3 dishes with 1 bowl of white rice. 

This is my most favourite dish. "Prawns fried with chillies"
Ulalalalalala.... This is seriously spicy!!!! The chillies and peppercorns made my lips and tongue numbed and Not to mention the tears came out from my eyes and literally the smoke from my ears! 
This is crazy and I like it. If you love spicy food.. then you should try this!!

Ok, this one is "Mo Pu Tofu"
Basically it is Aki's Favourite Dish. 
One of the popular dish in China too. It consists of Tofu in spicy chilli + bean based sauce.
If you ask me, I am not a big fan of this one. There is a strong taste which I'm not fancy off.

"Mandarin Fish in sweet and sour Sauce". Finally something that is not spicy and safe.
I just in love with this Fish. Really Yummy and I could eat the whole fish alone.

This restaurant started to be crowded around 5pm. You could see majority visitor are locals - Usually this is a good sign!
If you can handle spicy food, then this restaurant\sichuan cuisine is highly recommended!
We really enjoyed our lunch here, turned out the food was really amazing!!

Pin Chuan Restaurant
Szechuan Restaurant and Chinese Restaurant
5/F, Plaza 66, 
1266 W Nanjing Rd, 
Jīng chǎng sì, 
Shanghai, China

XOXO, Shereen


  1. Beautiful restaurant ♥ Love the paintings on the wall!

    1. Those paintings are my fav part too! xx

  2. They look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!



  3. Ken lovesss mo pu tofu too. it's his favorite, and it's not an easy dish to cook haha so I'm still failing over and over again :p I wish I could taste the original ones that they have in China, so I can make a comparison lol. Sichuan cuisine are the best, I love they have that spicy kick compared to other Chinese ways of cooking! looks like you had a lovely time. go for more the next time you're there xx

    1. Ken and Aki has the same taste... haha... quiet strong taste they have in shanghai.. If you master how to make it make sure let me taste some. maybe yours will taste better.. haha.
      And yeah.. the sichuan spicy is my current fav.. but need to watch out for my gastric... :(

  4. great, have a nice weekend!


    1. Thank you sexy! Have a good week too! xx

  5. Interesting art decor and these food pics just makes me hungry.

  6. yummyy *-*


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