Spring In ShangHai : Here and There

Travel Diary : Quality Time Together
Well hello again, more on my trip in Shanghai. 
It was a sunny Sunday. Woke up at 8 and followed my BF to watch him play football.
 Weather was really good I must say, but It was not so fun when you have to sit in the middle of the field - without any shade watching the whole 90mins game. 

The game finished around 1pm and they won! Yay!!! 
It was such a relieve when it ended, well because I was really worried all the time that the ball might hit me - this has happened before and trust me.. it was really embarrassing. 
Had a good time watching them play. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city.
Well it was not that bad when you got to see cute players passing by. *wink*

After the game, all the players drank beers and jokes together. Well this guy is new in the team, so in order to be accepted by the rest.. He must sing a song.. and he sang Hotel California.
*My Boyfriend sang Finland's National Anthem-haha*

This is Jing'An Temple. Located in the middle of the Nanjing West Road. 
Too bad it is closed at 5, we were late and did not managed to go in.
I will visit it again next time and will blog more about it.. Heard the Temple is a good tourist spot!

Since we did not get in, we just took some quick photos in front of the entrance.
Right across the street, it is the Jing'An Garden. Another garden in the middle of the city center.
Perfect place to walk around together... holding hands... enjoying the moments.
They sell the balloons for 10Yuan -each.

I love this photo.. even though he closed his eyes.. 
"Pretty woman walking down the street"
Quick Coffee break.. good to seat back and relax while watching some interesting passerby.
Walking the street of West Nanjing Road...
Of course It was Sunday... The Bund was crazy pack with Humans!!! 
We came here again just for me to take a few night photos of The Bund. Spent there less than 10 mins and we headed home straight away.. crowd was really crazy!
I am happy to have this shot. :)

Another good day well spent in Shanghai, I am happy to meet my BF's football team and also spent some quality time together exploring Shanghai city. *Normally he is lazy and cranky after football*

Sorry girls, I will be posting few more post on Shanghai. Dont be mad ok cause I know it is boring.. *Wink*

XOXO, Shereen


  1. Looks like lots of fun! love the leather jacket worn with the dress. I've been waiting for you to post more about Shanghai xx

    1. Thank you Babe!!! Will try to post more.. Need to fight this laziness! xx

  2. I love how scenic the parks are in China. Makes you forget that you're in the middle of a bustling city. I'd love to visit Shanghai one day, preferably after Europe (The UK, France, Italy and Amsterdam) as well as Melbourne, Australia. in shaa Allah, Amin.

    1. I hope you will get the chance to visit all places soon!! Nothing is impossible... xx


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