Cameron Highlands : Lavender Garden

Travel Diary : Blooming  Blooms
Flowers are the music of the ground
From earth's lips spoken without sound
-Edwin Curran-
Photo from my Instagram
Cameron Highlands has always been my favourite gateway to escape from the busy city lifestyle. 
A good way to sit back and relax in the highland's cool-climate and sooth tired eyes with the greenery of the mother nature in the surrounding areas.
Due to my brother in law has never been to Cameron Highlands before, my sister invited me to join them for a short weekend trip together. and Of course I will never say NO to Cameron!
It takes around 3-4 hours to drive up there (Depends On how fast you drive).  
Well I am not going to elaborate more on Cameron Highlands, Read HERE for more info! 
We arrived there around 10am and we stopped by at the "Lavender Garden"
My lil sister and her Hubby.. This is basically their BabyMoon!!
And this is my Eldest Brother. Lucky us to have him tag along on this trip... He is our designated photographer! lol
The whole place is open at 10am. 
People start queuing up at the entrance before that and i thought we were the earliest.. zzzzzz.. 
I forgot it was weekend.
There are many inconsiderate people out there - Photo poopers!!!
Finally after 5 mins- managed to get the spot i want!
Pretty Flowers!! I am in love! 
My OOTD shot in front of a Giant Pumpkin.
Well I know the name of this place is Lavender Garden... But there are not much of Lavender here..
Instead they have more Daisies and Petunias etc...
Yellow Daisies... You can pick your own fresh daisy... RM2 each per daisy.. and RM10 for 6..
*Pssst.. spot another photo pooper*
Shereen gooo Crazzzzyyyyy!!!! Surrounded with so many colourful blooming pretty flowers and I just don't wanna leave...
All Kind of colours.. you just want to snap snap snap all of it... We spent our time here for more than one hour just by taking hundreds of photos!!! And this was only the first Stop.. haha
Along the way.. we found this amazing Gravity wall.. 
And I choose to be an Angel...

What I'm wearing
Cardigan - Nichii
Pink Top - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Bag - Charles&Keith
Shoe - Vans

Lavender Garden is a pretty place to take some photos if you love Flowers(Everywhere you go you see flowers)... Apart from that there is nothing much to do.. 
Plus you need to pay entrance fees of RM 6.. So if you have no patient friends\boyfriend to take photo for you and if you are not a big fan of flowers.. Then don't bother to visit this place.. Haha
Well after one hour ++ busy taking photos of everything.. even my phone died on me.. finally we decided to leave and proceed to the next stop.

Stay tuned for the next post...

XOXO, Sherina


  1. Love the place and love your outfit!
    -Rupsha | Blog-Lovesicklilac | Twitter-b_rupsha
    [If you would like to show support by following each other, let me know]

    1. Thank you doll.. I'm your new follower now! xx

  2. photo poopers haha so funny! nice pics, I can't wait to goooo.

    1. Haha... hope u can go Cameron soon too.. :)

  3. Wow this place is so beautiful! I adore your pink bag, top and hat! <3 xx

  4. great as always :) kisses!


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