Longhua Temple, Longhua Pagoda Shanghai

Travel Diary : The Sacred Place
It was another sunny day, Jonna and I decided to explore Shanghai by Metro and hope to end up somewhere not too touristy.
We did not plan any specific destination ahead. Just randomly hop in the train and let our instinct decide.  
We were heading north initially and got down at Sanmen road station. But the place was really quiet and stranded, we could count exactly how many humans around the station and we were the only tourist there. Hence we hop on the train again and headed down south, decided to stop at Longhua Station.
Well we got really lucky to end up in this lovely sacred Longhua Temple and Pagoda
As though as Fate has Brought us here!

Jonna's Birthday Lunch

Food Diary : Royal China
Well hello there!!! Its good to be in Shanghai again. Lucky me this time I have a new friend from Finland, Jonna. She stays in Shanghai for a month to take care of one hyperactive toy poodle named - Chilli.
Since its her 23rd birthday, she decided to try some Chinese food. 
We came to Jiu Guang Mall and walk in to Royal China Restaurant. Main reason we choose this restaurant is because of the Yummy looking Prawns on their Menu, but sadly its sold out!!
Huge disappointment cause not able to try their prawns!! 
Well we just proceed to order what we think is nice.

August Is Here

Some of July Highlights!

Wow!! I just realised that I have not been blogging for a month! Makes me wonder.. was I really that busy? 
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