August Is Here

Some of July Highlights!

Wow!! I just realised that I have not been blogging for a month! Makes me wonder.. was I really that busy? 
Just a quick update - June 30th 2015 was my last day at work(Officially unemployed and Happy). Everything happened so fast, one minute I am still trying to digest the fact that Im finally a free bird and the next minute July is OVER and I have done nothing much apart from Hibernating in bed the whole month - well not entirely. Sometimes we all just need that time to relax and enjoy the most comfy part of our home -BED.

Below are some moments from my Instagram @ch3rry_sher3en.
I managed to visit one of Kuala Lumpur famous tourist spot Marini's on 57
Main reason for tourist to visit the place is definitely for the spectacular view, well just look at that gorgeous twin towers *I'm a proud Malaysian!*
Since its a tourist spot, the drink price is a little bit higher.. everything about the place is so fancy. For local people like me, to be here once is more than enough. 

Its a Durians season now. It is one of my favourite fruit. Some people hate the smell, lucky I am not one of them. :) I used to eat them each season without fail BUT ever since I started dating my BF.. I rarely eat - well its because he is not a big fan of Durians and he will not kiss me if I eat them.. and the smell of Durians will stay on you for few days- at least. So that means no kissing for FEW days.. so that sucks. 
Now since he is living in Shanghai, I am able to eat Durians with no worry.. I was at Durian Buffet with my friend and we ate a lot till I nearly puke. So for time being.. I had enough of Durians!!

I went back to my parents home to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. Our family home is in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. It is roughly around 60km from city centre. Small peaceful town and I love it there. 
While in the car heading somewhere, a bunch of clueless buffaloes(I thought It was a group of cattle initially) was in the middle of the road. They are HUGE!
For a city girl like me, this scene excites me.  

This is my traditional outfit for this year Eid. Since I am not working anymore*for now* I managed to get this nice outfit. Love the purple top. Check out here for my last year Eid's outfit.
Eid was great apart from I gained few kilos, well this is normal. It is always good to be around family members to celebrate and eat.. eat.. and just eat.

How cute is this! 

Got this lovely checkers dress from h&m during Sales. 

Besides these, I was in bed most of the time watching series. I have completed*up to date*:
Pretty little Liars
Devious Maids

What tv series are you watching at the moment?

There will be few interesting things in August, hope I will be able to share it on Blog. 
I know I am lazy most of the time. Just don't feel like doing anything- I have tons of things to share but I am not motivated to write it down. Even now I am distracted with every small thing while writing this post.. took me sometimes to think what to post. Well I need to change starting from today! 
One month Hibernating is more than enough.. don't you think?

XOXO, Sherina


  1. Wonderful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. wow you completed 3 series already haha. love your Raya outfit this year! x

    1. Thanks babe.. Yea finally something nice for raya. something i would wear!

  3. Its quite opposite for me, I have been working non stop along with usual uni pressure and because of
    that it feels like July went by in the blink of an eye. Love your cushion covers btw!


    1. Haha.. hope that you will get vacation soon!

  4. Awws how cute the flowerpots are ♡


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