Jonna's Birthday Lunch

Food Diary : Royal China
Well hello there!!! Its good to be in Shanghai again. Lucky me this time I have a new friend from Finland, Jonna. She stays in Shanghai for a month to take care of one hyperactive toy poodle named - Chilli.
Since its her 23rd birthday, she decided to try some Chinese food. 
We came to Jiu Guang Mall and walk in to Royal China Restaurant. Main reason we choose this restaurant is because of the Yummy looking Prawns on their Menu, but sadly its sold out!!
Huge disappointment cause not able to try their prawns!! 
Well we just proceed to order what we think is nice.
While scratching our heads thinking what to order, this lady came and convinced us to order some Chinese tea. Hmmmm even for tea they have quite many selections. I just choose Jasmine Tea(Something Familiar) - Cost 88Yuan for the tea*can get few pots*


Three little piggies!! How I wish they were Pink instead of yellow!! 
These are super CUTE and we just had to order them. 
Soft buns with the yummy custard fillings*Caution: It is VERY HOT*. 
Happy with this selection for sure.. But it is hard to bite their innocence lil face. 
Noooooo.... the pig is finally dead! Look at the yellow custards flowing out like a blood. 
Aww Pity the innocent piggies.. what have they done to deserve this!! 

The next selection is of course the Must Try "Xiao Long Bao"
No words to describe how tasty they are. 

Bite the tip and suck the juice and eat it all.. YUM!

You can never go wrong with Fried Rice in Asia, these are pretty good but the portion was really big for two of us! We were quite full after the buns and xiao long bao.

These are the fried chicken with bones. Crunchy and got not much of meat. Can either choose to eat the whole thing with the bones or otherwise. 
Well we did not finish this one either. Too full!

Overall experience was good, sad that we could not try their prawns, maybe next time! 

Total Cost : RMB240

Royal China Restaurant
Address: Level 8 No. 
1618, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District
Shanghai, China
Transportation: Can easily get there by Metro Line 2, Jing An station.

XOXO, Shereen


  1. haha piggy bun, so cute! and how i love xiao long bao~

    1. cute right!! its delicious too... and those xiao long bao.. im eatin it most of the time.. haha..


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