Longhua Temple, Longhua Pagoda Shanghai

Travel Diary : The Sacred Place
It was another sunny day, Jonna and I decided to explore Shanghai by Metro and hope to end up somewhere not too touristy.
We did not plan any specific destination ahead. Just randomly hop in the train and let our instinct decide.  
We were heading north initially and got down at Sanmen road station. But the place was really quiet and stranded, we could count exactly how many humans around the station and we were the only tourist there. Hence we hop on the train again and headed down south, decided to stop at Longhua Station.
Well we got really lucky to end up in this lovely sacred Longhua Temple and Pagoda
As though as Fate has Brought us here!

The moment we got down from the train, we we relieved to see locals everywhere and we started to explore the area. 
It is nearby the river and there are all these not so fancy buildings around the area and its not so crowded!
We stumbled upon this small florist shop. 

Look at the Wide road and the lovely Pagoda looking building. The weather was really good!

While Waiting to cross the road. 

Temple was first built in 242AD and because it got destructed by several wars, most of the buildings were reconstructed. This temple is the oldest and largest temple in Shanghai.
The Temple area has been used as an executions site for communist in the 19th century.
This whole temple is really peaceful and is crowded with locals paying their respects to the Buddha and Pagoda. 
The view of the main gate from inside.

Bell Tower
-Its a tradition to strike this bell 108 times on New Year's eve.-
This is one of my favourite photo. But I must tell you one unpleasant story before I took this photo.
We were walking, happily exploring the temple. During that time, we were the only tourist around the area and everyone else was busy praying. While walking, there was this one guy on his motorbike with some goods coming towards us, well it was a big road with plenty of space and we were not walking in the middle of the road for sure. 
To our surprise, he suddenly shouted "FUCK OFF"*out loud* right to our face! 
That was really a shock to both of us as we did not expect it coming- At All.
Well maybe he doesn't like tourist or maybe thats the ONLY word he knew how to use confidently.
Cause of the incident above, I lost my confidence to take more photos around the temple. Afraid of bumping on another angry local. Haha.
Well this temple is definitely better than Jingan Temple if you looking for something less touristy and real. The most impressive room in this temple for me is the 500 Arthats Hall. Its a shame that I did not take any photo of the hall but you can click here to roughly see the image of the golden statues. 

The tall Pagoda is visible from the temple. It used to be one of the highest building in Shanghai. *Back in those days*
Sadly the pagoda is not open for public visit. We can just admire it from outside.
The pagoda is 40.4 metres high and consists of 7 stories.
People come and visit during Temple Fair (3rd day of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar). 
During this time people can experience the beautiful peace blossoms.
This Temple visit  is indeed a very good experience for both of us. We are glad that we managed to somehow visit it. 
Definitely recommend this temple if you ever visit Shanghai.
A little bit outskirts from the city centre but its very peaceful and less touristy.  
After the train ride and the temple visit. We headed back to city centre. Stopped at Lujiazhui station and took a couple of photos. Well it was too late for us to visit the Pearl Oriental Tower but we planned to do this some other time early in the morning when it is less crowded.

Overall was a good unplanned day! 

"Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones"

Longhua Temple, Longhua Pagoda
Address: No. 2853, Longhua Rd.,Xuhui District 
By Metro : Line 11 and get off at Long Hua station.
Admission Fees : RMB10 *But somehow we enter for free*
Time : 7.00am-4.30pm

XOXO, Shereen


  1. Hi Shereen! Gorgeous photos ♡ Love the yellow top!

  2. can't get over how beautiful this city is!

  3. ..the mix of modern and ancient is stunning.

  4. love the photos especially the first one! hopefully we'll get our blue skies back soon..

    1. yes I miss the Blue sky in Malaysia... This Haze is killing me!


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