Qibao Ancient Water Town, Shanghai

Travel Diary : The Old Town
There are few Water town nearby Shanghai, read here for more information on top 7 water town.
Qibao Ancient Water Town is number 6 on that list and is the easiest to get to from Shanghai. 
It can be accessed by taking Shanghai Metro Line 9 to Qibao station and take exit 2. Follow the crowd and you will reach the Old town. 

These photos was taken from the previous trip with my friend, Uma. She came for a short visit while i'm in Shanghai, somewhere in June.
It was supposed to be summertime, but the sky is grey and sometimes it rains the whole day. Nevertheless we still had a good time together.
Qibao is famous for their street food, the moment we entered the old town, we could see all the small stalls selling all kind of food and goods. 
One of the famous cuisine here is the "Hong Shao Rou" - Red Braised Pork.
 These are everywhere, looks delicious but somehow I have no guts to try them. Maybe at that moment I was not aware what are the cooking combinations.

Uma and I managed to try these BBQ squid, since the smell was so tempting and we were hungry.
We bought two sticks of squids, then we roll them in the chilli flakes provided. 
The taste was a bit weird for us, maybe because of the chilli flakes, but since I was hungry I ate them all including Uma's portion as she couldn't take the spiciness. 

Next we tried these delicious balls with prawns, amazingly yummy!

While walking, I felt hungry again. Stumbled into this restaurant selling noodles. Looks good and clean. Decided to try their speciality Duck Soup Noodles. 
Slurrp Slurrp.. Well I never a big fan of duck but this noodles were amazing! Look at that huge portion! Of course I couldn't finish the whole thing. But it was a lovely meal. I walked out the restaurant with an over loaded tummy! Burp!!!

After the street food experience, we started to explore the Old City. 
I really enjoyed walking around especially the old streets, love the traditional Chinese Architectures.I feel like i'm an actress in those old chinese drama. 
Best part this whole place was full of locals instead of foreigners. 
This Photo was taken by one foreigner *he was the only foreigner we saw*
He was with his local chinese girlfriend. They both looks lovely together. Sweet love birds.
"Shocking Experience"
Well while I was walking along the old streets with Uma, suddenly we saw a boy without any shame squatting down right in front of one shop, and he started to POO!!! Just like that, unbelieveable!!!
The most shocking part was - his dad was next to him all the time.. and the owner of the shop did not say anything!! Seems like this is a normal thing, once the boy finished doing his business, his dad took a tissue paper and start scooping his poop*at least he clean them*
This is crazy experience for us as we don't see this happening at all in our country. The only thing I see in my country is that people scooping Dog's poo and never human's.
 But it seems like it's normal in China. It's not like there is no toilet around, there are plenty!
OMGG! It took me few days to erase this sight!

Apart of the shocking experience, overall the Old town experience was really good. We enjoyed our time! Qibao is really convenient to visit if you are in Shanghai for short period.
I will definitely come here again at night, would love to see how the town looks like with the lights on.

Qibao Ancient Water Town
By Metro : Line 9 and get off at Qibao station. Take the exit 2.
Admission Fees : Free
Time : Anytime.

XOXO, Shereen


  1. great post, kisses!


  2. i didn't even know this place existed until this post, but now it is DEFINITELY on my bucket list... soooooooo coooool! & these pictures are amazing!

    1. Thank you sydni.. the old town is really amazing.. hope you can visit it one day! x

  3. this place looks so beautiful I think I'll stand in awe for a few minutes before I can take it all in. (but the pooping part is a KILLJOY!) the waterways look so serene. i've been waiting for you to post this! x

    1. Hahaha.. the pooping.. i wish i could photograph that moment, but im afraid they might shout at me..

  4. I love this outfit so much! Super cute.



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