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Food Diary : Eat like the locals
"People who loves to eat are always the best people"
-Julia Child-
The initial plan was to have our lunch in Nan Xiang Man Tou Dian for their famous Xiao Long Bao & Steamed Bun. Unfortunately it was so full and must wait for quite some time, the queue was insane! Since both of us was super hungry we decided to try some other restaurant. 
We ended up in this some kind of Food Court. Something new for Joanna and I.
Both of us had no clue how this works at first but we somehow managed to figure it out. Yay!!
Basically you just go around the stall and take whatever you want, put it in a tray and proceed to the cashier. Well they have many choices and since our tummy are grumbling, we took quite many dishes.
Look at the crowds.

So lets see what we bought.
Well I'm not sure what they call this, the filling inside is the glass noodles. Urmm not really my favourite.

Crunchy Vegetables, this is yummy but we didn't finished it all.. Too much for us!

I love this steamed Fish. Cooked together with the black fungus, Yum!

Flower Crab, Just because we were so hungry we grabbed everything!! But this was good. 

Jonna drinking soup from the Bun. It was so so. Nothing spectacular! But still edible.

And of course!! Fried Rice.. never go wrong with fried rice!! We actually managed to clean this plate. :)

  Here are some dessert choices. Well we were too stuffed for dessert. Maybe some other time!

It was nice to experience some food from the local food court.
While eating we encounter some Chinese next to us, they were eating something weird*Looks like fried Insects* with plastic gloves. The foreigners next to them start asking out of curiosity what are they eating. Since the Chinese doesn't understand English, they thought the foreigners wanted to try some, hence they start offering. It was really cute to watch.
Because I was curious to know as well, I started to ask the Chinese*Since I can speak fluent Mandarin*. So apparently they were eating DUCK TONGUE!
He then offer some to us, well we had to politely say no.

Total Spent For the food : 190 Renminbi

"Restaurant next to Starbucks & Ningbo Restaurant" Yu Yuan Garden
Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District | 
Old Town God's Temple (YuYuan Garden)

XOXO, Shereen

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