Floral Bath

This is one of my favourite practice to eliminate bad luck and bring good luck.
 The Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) is a traditional cleansing ritual to ward off evil and illness. 
Most important thing is to bring good fortune and luck. 
Well it depends on what you believe in. 
I was 22 when my mom asked me to try the floral bath. Apparently it helps her in blooming her love life and she gets married when she was 22.
Well of course I was way too young to think of marriage back then. But still I tried the bath hoping for more good luck. It did gave me a better luck when I finally able to get a better job!! Changed my career path to a better one. 
Ever since then, I always practice this floral bath whenever I feel like I'm running out of luck!
It's not really that hard to prepare a DIY floral bath. All that you need is just:
-5,7 or 9 kind of flower petals. 
-few Limau Kasturi (Calamondin)

Leave it for few minutes and then go in and enjoy the bath. 
Floral bath has many benefits depends on what you believe in. If you are not superstitious, by practising the bath will definitely give you a nice floral scent! 
As you all know from my previous posts. I had been busy searching for job since September. Applied to few company but did not get any reply back. Weird.. 
That's when I decided it's time for a floral bath. Well few days after the bath, I received calls and emails from few companies. I was busy with interviews. Received few offers and was in dilemma on which one to accept. 
Finally after long thoughts and comparisons, I have made up my mind. 
So everyone, I am moving to East Timor for my new job!
Call me superstitious, but I believe that the bath really gave me some LUCK!
Why don't you try it!

XOXO, Shereen

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  1. I want to try this someday, call me over if you ever plan to do it again! also maybe any spa/massage place do have it? hmm. p.s hope we get a chance to meet up before you go, but if we don't, I'll see you soon!! x


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