Gili Island : Bike Ride Around The Island

Travel Diary : Sun Sea Sand
Gili Trawangan, I would say that the island is full of tourists, youngster mostly. 
Somehow it made me feel old. Partying next to teenager.
Makes me wonder, where was I when I am 20? 
First night in Gili was just a chill out kind of night. We had dinner, went for the party at night but we ended our day very early. Perhaps that is what AGE does to someone.
We had a better plan the next day, decided to rent a Bicycle for the whole day. Paid 50k rupiah for it.
The island is not that big, so we could easily circle the whole place in no time. Along the way we stopped at the Marley Beach for few hours. Reading, coconut, milkshakes and mostly just to relax.
I enjoyed this moment the most! I wish that I could just stay here forever, the sound of the wave, the clear blue sea, happy faces around you. At that moment I had forgotten about all my problems back home. 
It's really nice to ride around gili, mainly is because motorised traffic is prohibited on the island, so the preferred method are bicycles and CIDOMO (horse-drawn carriage)

It was another good day in Gili. I wish I am there right now instead of here in KL with all the HAZE! I miss the clear blue sky! 

XOXO, Shereen


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Candice! The place is really nice..

  2. Amazing photos, I love this place, it looks so peaceful.
    I definitely need to check it out!

  3. when was this posted? it's been too long since I scrolled through my blogroll haha. love the photos, blue glad the haze is over now too. xx

    1. haha.. it has been too long and lazy for me to blog as well,, not as motivated as last time.. haha

    2. Come on, do it! You have lots to share now :D


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