Gili Island : Departure & Arival

Travel Diary : Journey to the Island
I've been travelling a lot for the past few months and it is quite exhausting to unpack and repack.
Been trying to find some time to share it with you guys but with the job interviews etc. I just can't find time to blog.
A few months ago, I joined one of my gf - Miseon to Gili Island, Lombok. It was a long holiday in Malaysia due to our Independence day.  
I just came back from Shanghai a day before and flew out again the next day in the early morning. Definitely tiring!
It took roughly around 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok via Air Asia. It wasn't that bad.
Once landed, we had our brunch before we continued our journey.
Total brunch : 100k rupiah.
After eating, we took a taxi and headed our way to Bangsal Harbour.
Taxi cost: 250k rupiah. *remember to bargain with the driver before you get in the cab*
It took us one and the half hours to get to the harbour. Feels like forever~especially when you need to use the toilet badly.
Once arrived the harbour, we purchased the speed boat tickets : 85k per person(one way).
Well bear in mind that there is cheaper option, local boat which cost only 12k per person(one way). But the local boat will take ages because they tend to wait for the boat to be full before they leave. Whereas the speed boat is taking only 15 minutes to Gili Trawangan.
There are 3 small islands in Lombok, consists of Gili Meno, Gili Air & Gili Trawangan.
We choosed Gili Trawangan because it is known for their nightlife and it's more suitable for single travellers.  If you are with your partner and family, the other two islands are more suitable.

Miseon had been to Gili T before, so she was the one to arrange on accomodation, and she booked us a nice place to stay - Tir Na Nog Hotel.
The place is located at the strategic location and it's really nice and cozy. Easy access to everywhere.
We paid RM1200 for 4 days 3 nights. Breakfast Included.
Outdoor shower. It was weird and insecure to shower at first. But after few times, I kinda like it. Feels so nice when you can stare up the full moon while you shower in the night.
Well it was a long journey to finally reach Gili T. Once we reached our hotel, both of us stayed in and relax for couple of hours.
First day was just a relaxing day for us. We went for good full body massage, nice dinner and some party.

Read next for more interesting post on Gili T.

XOXO, Shereen


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