Hello Bloggers!!

After so many years...
It has been ages.. Since I last Blogged. I know.. I know..
Ever since I moved to East Timor, I have been so busy with work, social life and travelling around. 
There is so much going on and It's hard for me to find some time to share my fun stories on my blog.
After one and a half year working in East Timor, I have decided to come and stay in Finland. 
So I am currently in Finland now and finally got some time to blog.

Here are some quick pictures and descriptions of what's going on in my life.

I got a job offer end of 2015 to work in East Timor as an IT technical support. So i packed all my shit, gave my baby cat - Moikka to my parents and flew off to the completely strange country.
It is the best decision I have made in my life. :-)
The experience was amazing and of course I will share it all on my Blog.
Stay tune to Life in East Timor post soon!
East Timor is a such an amazing island. But of course it is still very underdeveloped.
The lifestyle there is very basic. There are no fancy shopping places, no ZARA, H&M, etc.. I must say that during the whole time staying there, the only thing I missed the most is SHOPPING! 
Guess what, online shopping in East Timor is really bad(none existence i must add )
Most of the brands\online shop does not ship to this country.
Even if there is, the package most likely will not reach you. 
Imagine how bad that is.
People are happy with what they have. You will see dogs and pigs running around chasing each other. Kids walking on street barefoot while holding their slippers in hand. Speed limit is 60km/h but in real life is actually 20km/h. 
The thing I enjoyed the most while staying there is the social life. 
Because the country is so small and there are less tourists visit the place. 
Most foreigners there are mainly working expats - working people for NGO, UN, Army etc.
Everyone knows everybody in Dili. You can tell if you see a new person in town. 
It is a pleasant country to work in because you know all of your clients personally\socially and that makes everything nice.
Well of course the Gossips in this small island is unavoidable as well. 
One and a half years in East Timor was enough for me. Will I go back there again? Maybe.
Last Christmas, BF and I have decided we had enough of the long distance relationship. 
Plane ticket is not cheap anymore flying from East Timor to Finland.
So I resigned from my job and packed my stuff including Moikka, we flew in to Finland on the 21th April 2017. 
So Moikka is now officially a Finnish citizen cat. But for me, the paperwork is still in progress. Lets hope everything will be OK.
This will be another interesting adventure for me. From a third world country to a civilized one.
Hmm what else, Yes.. I have gained extra kilos while in East Timor. 
Thanks to the alcoholic lifestyle!!
As you can see, BF bought me a lovely pink bicycle. Maybe its his polite way of saying -Baby you need to lose some weight- Well thank you darling!
Instead of having a company driver like what I'm used to in Timor, now I have this. :p

XOXO, Shereen 

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  1. oh hey, someone's back! nice bicycle (so pink!) haha. love all the photos xx


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